Best cholesterol supplement

Best cholesterol supplement

Cholesterol supplements

Cholesterol supplements are among the most used and most sought after supplements by people. This is due on the one hand to the side effects of statins (the main drugs used for hypercholesterolemia) which cause the patient to abandon them and, on the other, to the good effectiveness that the supplements guarantee. In fact, nutraceuticals containing fermented red rice, berberine, garlic, olive, artichoke and annurca apple represent an excellent alternative to classified drugs. They generally have no side effects and are well tolerated. They are now increasingly prescribed by doctors to control mild hypercholesterolemia. From a commercial point of view they are increasingly widespread and almost every company invests in nutraceuticals for cholesterol. Consequently, it is not easy for the consumer to orient himself and choose. Our advice is to rely on your doctor or pharmacist or read specific articles from sites authorized by the Ministry of Health. Irisfarma represents a guarantee for the final customer/patient as each item is developed by specialized pharmacists, ready to give advice and delve deeper into the situation of each individual person.

Below we will list the main cholesterol supplements, both with red yeast rice and without red rice. We are often asked specifically for cholesterol control supplements without red rice.

How to choose a cholesterol supplement

There is no absolute best cholesterol supplement but there are some criteria that allow us to establish its quality. When choosing a supplement it is important to evaluate:

-Quality of the dry or liquid extract. The best companies guarantee us the origin, the absence of contaminants and many times the extracts are guaranteed by patents.

-Quantity of the dry or liquid extract and relative title. The extracts contained in the supplements must have a sufficient active ingredient titration to guarantee the biological action as well as safety. For example, in the case of cholesterol supplements, a maximum of 3mg of monacolin K is allowed. For prostate supplements containing serenoa repens, most studies show that a fatty acid titre of at least 80% is required.

-Formulation release systems. To promote the bioavailability of the components, many companies use capsules or tablets with controlled release systems within the formulation.

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