Liver purification: Artichoke, Dandelion and Milk Thistle.

Liver purification: Artichoke, Dandelion and Milk Thistle.

Liver purification: Artichoke, Dandelion and Milk Thistle.

The liver is a vital organ that performs numerous functions, including digestion, detoxification, and bile production. To keep your liver healthy it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet, regular physical activity and abstention from alcohol and drugs.

In some cases, it may be useful to follow a liver cleanse, which can help eliminate toxins and improve the functions of this organ.

Here are three natural remedies that can help cleanse the liver:

- Artichoke

- Dandelion

- Milk thistle

What are the benefits of Artichoke?

The Artichoke is a food rich in nutrients that have purifying and detoxifying properties. It is an excellent natural remedy to stimulate the production of bile and help the liver eliminate toxins.

The artichoke is capable of:

  • Stimulate the production of bile. Bile is a liquid produced by the liver that aids in the digestion of fats and proteins. The artichoke contains cynarin, a substance that stimulates the production of bile.
  • Help eliminate toxins. The artichoke also contains other substances, such as caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, which have antioxidant and purifying properties. These substances help the liver eliminate toxins produced by metabolism or introduced from the outside.
  • Protect the liver. The artichoke also contains silymarin, a substance that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Silymarin helps protect the liver from damage caused by environmental factors, such as pollution, and toxic substances, such as alcohol.

The recommended dose of artichoke for liver purification is 500-1000 mg of artichoke extract per day, divided into two doses. The artichoke can be consumed fresh, in the form of a salad, or a simple way to take on its beneficial properties is herbal tea, infusion or extract.

What are the beneficial properties of Dandelion?

Dandelion, also known as dandelion, is a spontaneous plant with purifying, diuretic and digestive properties. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to improve liver function and promote its purification.

Dandelion acts on the liver in several ways:

  • Increases bile production. Dandelion stimulates the production of bile, improving digestion and promoting the elimination of toxins from the liver.
  • Stimulates bile flow. Dandelion helps maintain smooth and regular bile flow. This helps eliminate toxins from the liver and improve digestion.
  • It has antioxidant properties. Dandelion contains antioxidants that help protect the liver from damage caused by free radicals.

    The recommended dose of dandelion for liver purification is 3-6 grams of dandelion root per day, divided into two-three doses. To purify the liver with dandelion, you can take the leaves or root of the plant in the form of a herbal tea, infusion, extract or food supplement.

What are the benefits of Milk Thistle?

Milk Thistle is a medicinal plant that has been used for centuries for its beneficial properties for the liver. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies, which have shown that milk thistle can help protect the liver from damage caused by factors such as alcohol, drugs and pollution.

Milk thistle contains a compound called silymarin, which is responsible for its hepatoprotective properties. Thanks to its presence, the Milk Thistle is able to:

  • Protect liver cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage cells.
  • Reduce damaged liver cells as silymarin has a regenerative action.
  • Reduce liver inflammation because silymarin has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore reduces liver inflammation.

The recommended dose of Milk Thistle for the liver is 150-600 mg of silymarin per day, divided into three doses. Milk Thistle can be taken in the form of a dry extract, herbal tea or food supplement.

It is important to consult your doctor before taking any natural liver cleansing remedy, especially if you are taking other medications.

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