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Who we are

IrisFarma is a digital project born from the idea of ​​two young pharmacists who, with the desire for innovation and change, have decided to enter the world of ecommerce which is now a fundamental aspect for business growth. The creation of an e-commerce site requires a lot of commitment, a pinch of IT skills and a lot of professionalism to offer to new customers with whom to interact virtually.

Irisfarma means:

► Professionalism, thanks to the experience gained in the pharmaceutical field.

► Accuracy and Transparency to guarantee a clear and direct offer.

► Convenience, we provide many products with extraordinary offers.

► Advice, thanks to the advice of Pharmacists always ready to solve your doubts ► Speed, we ship the goods on the day of the order or at the latest the day after.

► Parapharmacy, Healthcare, Herbalist, where you can find over the counter drugs, supplements, cosmetics, herbal products, health care and everything related to the world of childhood.

Our goal is to create a reality in step with the times, always at the service of the citizen, in parallel with our Parapharmacy, with the final wish to always satisfy customers by providing them with the best that the profession of Pharmacist can offer.

Giuseppe and Irene.