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-For vaginal inflammatory and dystrophic diseases

-One egg in the evening

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12 Items


Therapeutic indications

FITOSTIMOLINE 600 mg Ovules and FITOSTIMOLINE 20 % Vaginal cream: inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of any nature of the female genitalia. PHYTOSTIMOLINS 4 % Vaginal solution: inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of any nature of the female genitalia. Pre and postoperative prophylaxis of gynecological surgery.

Dosage and method of use

FITOSTIMOLINE 600 mg Eggs: 1 egg in the evening or according to medical prescription. • Application procedure: Introduce the egg deeply into the vagina. PHYTOSTIMOLIN 20 % Vaginal cream: 1–2 applications per day or according to the doctor's advice. • Application procedure: 1) Pierce the cream tube for the first time, using the perforator contained in the upper part of the closure cap. 2) Screw on a vaginal applicator. 3) Press the cream tube until the applicator is completely filled. 4) Unscrew the applicator from the tube, introduce it into the vagina and press the plunger until the end of its stroke. 5) Each applicator should be used only once. PHYTOSTIMOLINS 4 % Vaginal solution: 1–2 vaginal irrigations per day or as advised by the doctor. • Application procedure: 1) Hold the bottle by the sealing ring and fold the cap until the safety seal breaks. 2) Extract the cannula until it stops in order to hear the click of the correct positioning. Attention: only a correct extraction of the cannula allows a complete outflow of the liquid. 3) Gently introduce the cannula into the vagina, orienting it at the desired angle. 4) Slowly press the sides of the bottle to allow it to be completely emptied. Irrigation should preferably be performed in a lying position, keeping the liquid in the vagina for a few minutes.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Side effects

There are no clinical side manifestations or undesirable side effects.

Special warnings

The use, especially if prolonged, of all products for topical use, can give rise to sensitization phenomena. If this occurs, treatment must be suspended and appropriate therapy instituted if necessary. The same applies to the development of insensitive germs. Important information about some of the ingredients "Phytostimulins 20 % Vaginal cream contains cetyl stearyl alcohol: May cause localized skin reactions (eg contact dermatitis). Phytostimulins 20 % Vaginal cream contains methyl parahydroxybenzoate and propyl parahydroxybenzoate: "May cause allergic reactions (even delayed). Phytostimulins 4 % Vaginal solution contains benzalkonium chloride: Irritating, may cause localized skin reactions.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

FITOSTIMOLINE 600 mg Ovules, FITOSTIMOLINE 20 % Vaginal cream and FITOSTIMOLINS 4 % Vaginal solution they can be used without problems during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Expiry and retention

FITOSTIMOLINE 600 mg Eggs: store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. PHYTOSTIMOLIN 20 % Vaginal cream and FITOSTIMOLINS 4 % Vaginal solution: no particular precautions for storage.

Interactions with other drugs

There are no known interactions or incompatibilities.


There have been no reports of overdose.

Active principles

FITOSTIMOLINE 600 mg Eggs: a 3.5 g egg contains the following active ingredient: aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare (dry residue equal to 200 mg / 100 ml) 600 mg. PHYTOSTIMOLIN 20 % Vaginal cream: 100 g of vaginal cream contain the following active ingredient: aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare (dry residue equal to 200 mg / 100ml) 20 g. Excipients: cetyl stearyl alcohol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate PHYTOSTIMOLINS 4 % Vaginal solution: 100 ml of vaginal solution contain the following active ingredient: aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare (dry residue equal to 200 mg / 100ml) 4 g. Excipients: benzalkonium chloride For a full list of excipients, see section 6.1


FITOSTIMOLINE 600 mg Eggs 2 – phenoxyethanol; macrogol 400; macrogol 1500; macrogol 12000. PHYTOSTIMOLIN 20 % Vaginal cream 2 – phenoxyethanol; glycerine; white petroleum jelly; sodium cetyl stearyl sulfate; cetyl stearyl alcohol; decyl oleate; methyl parahydroxybenzoate; propyl parahydroxybenzoate; purified water.PHYTOSTIMOLINS 4 % Vaginal solution 2 – phenoxyethanol; benzalkonium chloride; purified water.

12 Items

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Triticum vulgare
vaginal inflammation

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