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Anti-inflammatory and auricular anesthetic.

Indicated in case of inflammation of the ear canal.

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Therapeutic indications

Pain reliever in simple inflammations of the ear canal.

Dosage and method of use

After careful cleaning of the ear canal with dry cotton, instill 3-4 drops of Otomidone in the ear canal, making sure that the patient's auricle is in a horizontal position. Remain in this position for at least 5 minutes. Repeat the instillation of the medication every hour until the pain subsides. Thereafter for one to two days, medicate every 2-3 hours. After instillation, close the ear canal with a cotton swab or better still with a strip of edged gauze. OTOMIDONE can also be used lukewarm by heating the vial in a water bath before use. Do not exceed the recommended dose; in particular elderly patients should follow the minimum dosages indicated above.


Myasthenia gravis, hypersensitivity and idiosyncrasy to procaine or phenazone. Perforation of the eardrum of infectious or traumatic origin.

Side effects

The use of phenazone, albeit systemically, has been associated with a high risk of agranulocytosis; this drug, like procaine, can cause allergic reactions in sensitized subjects and, following absorption, also anaphylactic manifestations. In case of perforation of the eardrum the product, in contact with the structure of the middle ear can cause side effects at this level. In case of undesirable effects of different types, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Special warnings

The products for topical application can give rise to sensitization or irritation phenomena: in this case, stop the treatment and consult your doctor. Do not extend the administration of the drug beyond ten days: in any case, after a short period of treatment (one - two days) without appreciable results, consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of children. In the presence of local lesions, the possibility of systemic effects from increased absorption of procaine and phenazone should be kept in mind. As a precautionary measure, ensure the integrity of the eardrum membrane before administering the product. The container of this medicine is made of latex rubber. It can cause severe allergic reactions.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

In pregnant women, the product must be administered under direct medical supervision and only in cases of real need.

Expiry and retention


Interactions with other drugs

They are not known.


There are no known symptoms of overdosing.

Active principles

100 ml contain: Active ingredients: • phenazone 2.50 g • procaine hydrochloride 2.88 g. For the full list of excipients, see section 6.1.


Excipient: glycerol.

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