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Contains nasal douche.

Fast and silent piston system.

With 2 meter hose.

Deductible medical device.

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Class II medical device, for home use to nebulize and administer drugs and solutions prescribed or recommended by a doctor.
Complete system for the treatment of the entire respiratory system:
- for the laryngotracheal tract up to the alveolar areas with the aid of the Fluirespira Nebulizer equipped with an advanced dual-speed delivery system and related accessories.
- to wash the nasal cavities and nasopharyngeal the use of the Fluirespira nasal douche.
The advanced dual-speed nebulizer attached to the compressor generates a mist of the delivered solution, called an aerosol. The solutions administered in this form, through the mouth and nose, penetrate the respiratory tract where they come into contact with the larynx, pharynx and trachea and then reach the lungs where they come into contact with the bronchial mucosa and the alveoli. Aerosol therapy is a method that plays an increasingly important role especially in the administration of drugs with targeted and limited dosages, directly into the respiratory tract. The nasal shower connected to the compressor is a system designed to nebulize an aqueous solution for washing the nasal and nasopharyngeal cavities, collecting the solution that falls into a special recovery compartment in the device. It can be used with saline solutions (isotonic, hypertonic and thermal waters) or solutions containing drugs for aerosol use, according to medical prescription. The upper part is intended to house two adjacent chambers, one of which is intended for the solution to be sprayed and the other for the recovery solution. The nasal adapters are inserted on the upper part, available in 3 different sizes depending on the size of the nostril of the subject it is intended for.

Before first use, and periodically throughout the life of the product, check the power cord to make sure there is no damage; if it is damaged, do not insert the plug and immediately take the product to an authorized service center or your trusted dealer.
It is advisable to replace the ampoule every 6 months in intensive use (or sooner if the ampoule is blocked) to always guarantee maximum therapeutic efficacy.
For administration to children and non self-sufficient people, the device must be used under close adult supervision.
Some components of the device are so small that they can be swallowed by children; therefore keep the appliance out of the reach of children.
This device is not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, or with oxygen or with nitrous oxide.
Always keep the power cord away from hot surfaces.
Do not handle the appliance with wet hands. Do not use the appliance in humid environments (e.g. while bathing or showering). Do not immerse the appliance in water: should this happen accidentally, unplug it immediately. Do not remove or touch the appliance immersed in water, unplug it first. Take it immediately to an authorized service center or your trusted dealer.
The housing of the device is not protected against the penetration of liquids. Do not wash the appliance under running water or by immersion and keep it away from splashes of water or other liquids.
Do not expose the appliance to particularly extreme temperatures.
Do not place the appliance near heat sources, in sunlight or in too hot environments.
Do not obstruct or introduce objects into the filter and its seat in the appliance.
Never obstruct the positional ventilation slots on both sides of the appliance.
Always operate the appliance on a hard surface free from obstacles.
Check that there is no material obstructing the ventilation slots before each use.
Do not insert any objects into the ventilation slots.
Repairs must only be carried out by authorized personnel. Unauthorized repairs void the warranty and may represent a danger to the user.
The materials used in contact with the drugs have been tested with a wide range of drugs. However, given the variety and continuous evolution of drugs, it is not possible to exclude interactions. We recommend consuming the drug as soon as possible once opened and avoiding prolonged exposure with the ampoule.

CE mark registration number 0051
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