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Digital family thermometer 60 seconds minsan 920376163

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Digital thermometer.

Medical device.

Measurement in 60 seconds.

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Family thermometer MT16F1

Medical device CE 0044 of class IIa.
Thermometer with temperature measurement in 60 seconds, without mercury.
Last measurement memory and acoustic signal.

How to use
Turning on the thermometer:
To turn on the thermometer, press the ON / OFF button; a short beep indicates that the thermometer is on.
A display test is automatically performed. All segments are displayed.
When the ambient temperature is lower than 32 ° C, a (Low - temperature too low to be detected) will appear on the display and a flashing> at the top right.
The thermometer is now ready for use.
Instructions for Use:
Choose the type of measurement you intend to use.
During the measurement, the temperature is shown continuously on the display and the> symbol flashes.
When the temperature increase is lower than 0.1 ° C every 16 seconds the acoustic signal (beep-beep-beep for 10 times) will warn that the temperature measurement is finished, the> symbol will stop flashing and the thermometer will be ready for reading the body temperature.
To extend battery life, turn off the thermometer after use by briefly pressing the ON / OFF button.
Otherwise the thermometer will turn off automatically after about 10 minutes.
Recording of values:
If the ON / OFF button is held down for more than three seconds when the thermometer is turned on, the temperature recorded during the last measurement will automatically appear on the display.
A small will indicate that the reading is that of a stored data.
About 3 seconds after the button is released, this value will disappear and the thermometer will be ready for measurement.
The stored value will then be deleted.

Types of measurement
Insert the thermometer into one of the two pockets, on the left or right, next to the root of the tongue. The thermometer sensor must be in good contact with the fabric. Close your mouth and breathe only through your nose so as not to alter the measurement. Approximate measurement time: 1 minute.
It is the safest method and particularly suitable for infants and children. Carefully insert the thermometer probe into the anus up to a maximum of 2-3 cm. Approximate measurement time: 1 minute.
For a more reliable result, take body, oral or rectal temperature measurements. We recommend that you keep the thermometer under your armpit for at least 3-5 minutes even after hearing the end of measurement beep. Approximate time (to beep): 1 minute.

Cleaning and maintenance
Name: Isopropyl alcohol 70%.
Use a cotton swab dipped in Isopropyl alcohol 70% to clean and disinfect the thermometer.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or benzene to clean and never immerse the appliance in water or other liquids.

Cod. MT16F1.

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