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Spray-sol is a medical device specifically designed to perform topical treatments of the nasal and sinus cavities.

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9 mg / 5 ml - 0.18% Sodium Hyaluronate

Yabro Spray-sol allows the nebulization of the Yabro vial, through the Spray-sol device.
Spray-sol is a medical device specifically designed to perform topical treatments of the nasal and sinus cavities, and allows the rapid administration of the solution by nebulization in particles of size between 10 to 20 microns, ideal for the therapy of the upper airways. Thanks to its conical shape, Spray-sol fits ergonomically to the nostril of adults and children.
Yabro Spray-sol is indicated in the adjuvant treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases such as: tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, tracheitis, both in the acute and chronic phase; hoarseness; inflammation of the vocal cords with and without dysphonia; in improving the restoration of mucosal function in the post-operative phase of endonasal interventions.
Yabro Spray-sol is added to and does not replace other therapeutic treatments that may be prescribed to patients.
Hyaluronic acid is universally recognized as the main molecular component of the extracellular matrix. In the respiratory system it is synthesized by the fibroblasts of the nasopharynx and the pulmonary interstitium, by the glands of the tracheo-bronchial submucosa, and by the goblet cells of the lining epithelium that add it to the mucus that covers and protects the respiratory tract. Thanks to this distribution, hyaluronic acid plays a central role in respiratory physiology by intervening in multiple homeostatic mechanisms.
Nebulized hyaluronic acid rapidly penetrates and integrates into the lung interstitium, preventing the spread of macromolecules and regulating the migration of cell populations involved in inflammatory reactions. Its high hydrophilicity also allows to hydrate the entire respiratory tree, facilitating the removal of catabolites and allergens. Thanks to its ability to integrate into the glycoprotein component that covers the pre-respiratory mucosa, it intervenes in the regulation of ciliary mucus clearance by interfering with potential allergenic or inflammatory, environmental or endogenous perturbing factors.

Each vial contains: sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid sodium salt), water, sodium chloride.

How to use
We recommend 1 vial of 5 ml once or twice a day according to medical advice, for a period of not less than 2 weeks.

Open the single-dose vial by breaking the neck along the highlighted line. Screw the needle firmly into the syringe luer-type locking collar, both included in the package, and aspirate the solution to be nebulized. Unscrew the needle and, after having hooded it, put it back in the special package. Place the syringe, filled with the solution to be nebulized, in the special inlet nozzle of Spray-sol. Secure the syringe by tightly screwing its luer-type collar onto the Spray-sol inlet nozzle. Insert the Spray-sol dispenser into one nostril to prepare for nebulization. During the nebulization with Spray-sol it is recommended to keep the torso in an upright position and not to recline the head in any direction. Breathe in and push firmly on the syringe plunger to nebulize the solution, taking care to divide the solution contained in the syringe equally between the two nostrils. Release the plunger of the syringe before exhaling. Repeat the operations for the other nostril as well.

Cleaning Spray-sol: Spray-sol is intended for single patient use, but can be used multiple times. For this reason, it is very important to carefully clean the device after each use in order to ensure its durability and good functioning. Wash Spray-sol under lukewarm running water, possibly with the addition of a little neutral soap (non-abrasive) or wash in the dishwasher with a hot cycle. Before storing Spray-sol, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth or a jet of hot air.

Do not use Yabro Spray-sol after the expiry date stated on the package.
Do not use Yabro Spray-sol if the packaging is open or damaged.
For the correct use of Yabro Spray-sol, the patient must have his torso in an upright position. Do not tilt your head in any way or lie down to use Yabro Spray-sol.
Yabro vials are sterile and intended for single use only. Do not reuse to avoid any risk of contamination and do not sterilize again. Once opened, Yabro vials must be used immediately and discarded after use.
Before each use, check that the Spray-sol device is not damaged; if Spray-sol is damaged, do not use it for nebulization.
Spray-sol is intended for one patient only, but can be reused for multiple nebulizations. For reuse, clean following the instructions. The Spray-sol device must be used for no more than 100 sprays and in any case for no more than one month.
The needle and syringe are intended for multipurpose use. After each use, cap the needle and put it back together with the syringe in the special package.
The use of Yabro Spray-sol by children or non self-sufficient people must be under the supervision of an adult who has read these instructions for use.
Yabro Spray-sol is an additional treatment and does not replace other treatments prescribed by your doctor.
It is advisable to consult your doctor before using Yabro Spray-sol.
Smoking compromises the protective effect of hyaluronic acid on alveolar functionality.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Spray-sol is a device not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with oxygen or nitrous oxide.
The product must not be used in case of known hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate or to the other components. If unwanted effects occur, it is advisable to stop the treatment and consult your doctor.

Store in a dry place, at a temperature between 0 ° C and 25 ° C.
Keep away from hot surfaces and protect from sunlight.
Do not freeze.
Validity for intact packaging: 36 months.

The package contains:
- 10 sterile disposable 5ml ampoules of Yabro.
- 1 nebulization device: Spray-sol.
- 1 5ml luer lock syringe: Soft-ject syringe.
- 1 sterican mix needle.

Cod. 17807
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