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Colloidal Calcium concentration 300 ppm

Calcium is a fundamental alkali metal in the needs of our body. An adult needs a daily intake of around 900 mg which can go up to 1000 mg and more in pregnant or menopausal women.

Calcium is essential for the growth and health of bones and for the well-being of the teeth, where it is present for 99% of the whole body, it fights the tendency to osteoporosis, caries and decalcification. It is necessary for proper muscle development, prevents cramps and contractures.

Why is it good to use colloidal calcium?

It is essential for bone health:

counteracts osteoporosis

counteracts descaling

promotes bone density and elasticity

it is necessary for proper muscle development

It is a natural tranquilizer:

lowers cholesterol and regulates the pH of the blood

fights nervousness, insomnia and depression

it is essential for the balance of the nervous system

strengthens learning ability and memory

For the total protection of the bones it is recommended to use together the colloidal solutions of Calcium, Copper and Phosphorus

Contents: 100 ml and 500 ml spray packs with complimentary spray bottle

Ingredients: double distilled water, colloidal calcium 300 ppm

How to use: 10 to 20 sprays per day under the tongue, leaving the product in the mouth for about a minute. It can also be used for external use by spraying on the affected parts, even several times a day

12 Items