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Chicco is a parapharmaceutical belonging to the category of articles for weaning / feeding.
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Fast flow

Biofunctional bottle that adapts to the baby's sucking rhythm.
The food requirements, the rhythm and the intensity of the sucking are unique to each child and vary at every moment of the day. PERFECT 5 is the Chicco bottle that adapts naturally to the needs of the child. Thanks to the combination of the Physio teat and the Equilibrium Membrane, they support the baby's physiological rhythm and intensity, helping to prevent air ingestion. The Chicco PERFECT 5 biofunctional bottle allows regular and constant breastfeeding ensuring the baby a completely natural sensation, thanks to the soft silicone teat with Soft Sense finish and the flexibility of the Equilibrium Membrane valve which with micro-movements adapts to the intensity of the baby's sucking. PERFECT 5 Chicco is simple and quick to clean in all its parts and is dishwasher safe. Compatible with sterilizer and usable in the microwave oven.

How to use
Before first use, disassemble and clean the product, then immerse the components in boiling water for 5 minutes, this ensures hygiene. Before each subsequent use, wash thoroughly with hot water and dish detergent and rinse thoroughly to ensure hygiene. Check the correct assembly of the product before use to ensure proper functioning of the bottle and to prevent any leaks. Always keep the product upright and with the lid on during transport. To ensure proper operation of the teat, it is recommended that you gently massage the valve at the base of the teat with your fingers before each use. Carry out the maneuver carefully, paying attention not to damage the valve. Insert the silicone membrane in the base and screw everything firmly to the body of the bottle to avoid accidental leaks or openings. Check that the flow is adequate for the baby's needs, paying attention to any difficulty in sucking or any milk leaking from the mouth. Follow the pediatrician's recommendations for proper nutrition. Strictly follow the directions of the milk powder manufacturer when preparing the bottle with reconstituted milk powder.
To warm the contents, it is recommended to use a bottle warmer after removing the lid. Refer to the bottle warmer instruction booklet. After heating with a bottle warmer or in a bain-marie, before use, dry the bottle with a cloth to remove any water residues (also possible in the groove between the unscrewable base and the bottle body).
Pay particular attention if you heat the bottle in the microwave oven:
- Insert the bottle only after removing the lid, ring nut and teat: Risk of explosion.
- If using microwave ovens with combined grill, make sure the grill is switched off.
- Cases of localized overheating may occur: always mix the heated liquid to ensure uniform heat distribution and check the temperature before serving to avoid burns the baby.

Wash all the components by hand in hot water and with a common dish detergent. Washing in the dishwasher can accelerate the wear of the product. Always rinse all components thoroughly after each wash. Do not use abrasive products and do not wash with aggressive chemical solvents. When using pipe cleaners, be careful not to damage the more delicate parts of the product (e.g. holes and valves in the teats, silicone membrane at the base of the product). Thoroughly clean any residual liquids that may accumulate in hidden areas under running water. Sterilize before use. After each washing or sterilization, release any residual liquid. After cleaning, dry all components thoroughly and store them in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The pigmentation of intensely colored beverages (e.g. tea, fruit or tomato juices) could alter the color of the product. This fact does not alter the functionality of the product and / or its safety.

Before boiling or hot sterilization, the bottle must always be completely disassembled to avoid deformation and for boiling and sterilization to be effective. The product can be sterilized cold, using sterilizing solutions or hot (steam), using the appropriate devices or by boiling for 5 minutes, avoiding contact with the metal walls of the container used. The use of ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers is not recommended.

Inspect the teat before each use and pull it in all directions. Replace it at the first sign of wear or damage. In any case it is advisable to replace the teats at least every two months. Inspect the product before each use to verify its integrity, the absence of cracks or sharp edges. Replace at the first sign of wear or damage. Inspect the silicone membrane before each use to verify its integrity. Replace at the first sign of wear or damage. Do not leave the teat and silicone membrane exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Do not leave them immersed in disinfectant (“sterilizing solution”) longer than recommended or the material may weaken. Do not let the child run or play with the product. Use only original components and spare parts from the Chicco PERFECT 5 line. Remember that breastfeeding is the best thing for the baby.
Continuous and prolonged sucking of liquids can cause tooth decay. Always check the temperature of the food before feeding the baby. Replace at the first sign of wear or damage. Keep all unused components out of the reach of children. Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose ends of clothing. The baby could be strangled. Never use bottle teats as a soother. Always use this product under adult supervision.
Do not heat the product in traditional ovens, on hot plates or on open flames. The PERFECT 5 bottle is not suitable for use in the freezer.

1 piece. Capacity: 300ml.

12 Items

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perfect5 unisex bottle 300 ml silicone 3 holes
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